Three questions for: LK Shelley

The fourth guest of TedxTorinoSalon “Visioni” is LK Shelley, one of the world’s most famous Venture Builder and Venture Capitalist. LK Shelley is known for her great entrepreneurial ability that over the years has allowed her  to turn many projects into reality. In this interview she deals with the most complex aspects of her job, with a particular focus on the startup world.

Q: What is the most difficult or complex (even stimulating) phase of your job?

A: The most difficult part of the job is to find ventures which have great innovative idea, ambitious vision and yet realistic and plagmatic execution. The most important stage is to find the mainstream market fit for the technology or products that the startups create or invent. In general, there have been many interesting or novel research and products in the market but rarely could the founders identify the right business model that solves a real problem for a larger audience.

LK Shelley

Q: Everyone is talking about startups and everybody dreams of making it big with a startup. What is the most common mistake that startups do?

A: The most common mistake is too product focus without thorough analysis of the market and go-to-market strategy and in-house knowledge and experience to execute. So often, founders fall in the mindset that customers would come by just building good products and technologies. Innovation, technologies and products are the core of the ventures, but it only counts for 20% of success, the remaining counts on a comprehensive business plan and execution.

LK Shelley

Q: Could you make a prediction of a field of application that will surprise us in the next future?

A: Blockchain technology applying to the digital entertainment and media field would be one of the most interesting innovation to watch out for.

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