Three questions for: David Putrino

David Putrino is one of the speakers that will be attending TedxTorinoSalon “Visioni”. In this interview David answers to some questions about technology and its future developments. He also explains how much human factors can influence the new technological processes.


Q: What is the most problematic (but also stimulating) phase of your work?


A: Clinical research is seriously under-funded and moves very slowly. We are often faced with the challenge of having to run clinical trials that have the potential to greatly impact the quality of life of groups of people living with different conditions. Our challenge as clinical researchers is finding new and creative ways of funding these crucial initiatives so that we can offer people the very best standard of care available.

David Putrino a TEDxTorino


Q: In your opinion, what role will technology, when applied to medicine, play in the next future?


A: Technology has almost unlimited potential in the way that it can influence the practice of medicine. However, technology has to be used responsibly in medicine, and we have to be respectful of the power that we wield when we work with it. In the future, I think that many technologies such as mobile apps, wearables, robotics and virtual reality will be treated with the same care as we treat pharmaceuticals. You will be prescribed an app to use for your depression, or some virtual reality content to watch for your back pain. I think that, thanks to technology, we are on the brink of a massive disruption in the way that we deliver and receive healthcare.

David Putrino 2 - TEDxTorino


Q: Besides technology, how important are empathy and human relations in the rehabilitation process?


A: All the technology in the world cannot replace the value that is brought about by a high-quality interaction with an empathetic and caring human being. The human side of medicine is often overlooked, and it may just be the most important factor. When we look back on our own lives, it is rarely a technology or a machine that inspires us. We gain our inspiration from other people, and it is the same in medicine – a robot may be delivering rehabilitation, but it is the therapist who will motivate you to reach a little further and work a little harder when you’re tired. Empathy and compassion, forming real and meaningful connections with people, this is the essence of rehabilitation medicine.

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