#CacciaLaX It’s official

It’s official: We know the exact location of the January TEDx conference in Turin. But we won’t tell you just yet! We give you a chance to discover it by yourself!

Nearly three months before the proper TEDxTorino event, we are launching a city game in which we will reveal the conference location. If you live in Turin or happen to be in town on Sunday 13th November, make sure to join the adventure!

Team up with your friends, colleagues, or even strangers, as TED is always an opportunity to get social and interact. Register now on Eventbrite and show up for the date with your teammates in the Talent Garden working space where the journey will take off. Prepare yourself for some exciting challenges demanding a fair share of creativity! The prize? Besides the satisfaction of conquer.  We are giving away free VIP tickets to all members of the team who prove the greatest ingenuity, originality and precision in completing the tasks.

Once you arrive to Talent Garden Torino on 13th November at 10:00 o’clock, we will invite you to download the telegram application where within, you will find the Caccia al Tesoro message channel. The clues for the lookout of the treasure, will be posted in there. The clues will arrive in every 45 minutes, as we gradually reveal new tasks to complete with your teammates. To pass each challenge, you will need to go out, develop ideas, collaborate, think and act on the spot – all together, team wise and activity wise.

The game will consist of four stages linked to four traditional areas of TEDx:Technology, Entertainment, Design and Local environment. Undoubtedly, every TEDx event creates a wonderful space for the local community, providing a perfect place to have good time sharing ideas worth spreading. Our project however focuses on the place specifically. Under the theme This must be the place, a dozen of acclaimed experts and personalities will explore the concepts of places, from buildings redesigned to bear new functions; through the human bodies as the points in space carrying our very beings; considerations about our whole planet, the only place we have to live.

Register now on Eventbrite!